Welcome to St. Joseph School

St. Joseph offers a full range of programs as per Alberta Education. In addition to these, we are very proud of our Cooperative Education Program, which provides students with ongoing experience in the world of work.

Students are provided with Career Counseling at the junior and senior high levels in order to better prepare them for decisions when they complete high school. This service coupled with the numerous Career and Technology courses offered at this school give students the ability to experience and choose future directions. For those students who have special needs, St. Joseph offers a Special Needs and Gifted and Talented Programs. A special needs teacher and 7 aides are at the service of teachers who could benefit from either of these programs. Students may be assessed at the school level or if warranted testing is done by outside psychological services. Parents continue to be an integral part of these processes. To better plan for the academic success of our students, this school provides Instructional Responses to our stakeholders. Teachers analyze all provincial achievement tests and diploma exams written by our students in order to prepare a course of action for the next year. These responses are then presented to the public via the School Advisory Council.

Values and Beliefs

Our values are rooted in the beliefs and tenets of the Catholic faith. We value the:

•All students can succeed (Personalized)
•Everyone should feel cared for
•Effort = Achievement (Growth Mindset)
•Teach less, Learn more (Engagement)
•Strength based approach
•Life is good with God
•Relationships are key to success


•All students can succeed (Personalized)
•Everyone should feel cared for
•Effort = Achievement (Growth Mindset)
•Teach less, Learn more (Student Engagement)
•Strength based approach
•Life is good with God
•Relationships are key to success


Our School Mission


Get Real – (Ethical Citizen)

•Break through societal/media version of happiness  ( money, looks, fame)
•Bring Jesus’s message of loving and serving others = true happiness
•Don’t just bring message but show it!
•Don’t just show it but help them try it!

Get Real World – (Engaged Thinker)

•Make the connection from book world (content) to real world (skills).
•Purposeful Inquiry
•Inquiry + Active Learning = Engagement

Get Real World Ready – (Entrepreneurial Skills)  

•Have a post-secondary plan
•Every year takes a step on that plan
•Ex. Grade 4-6 Develop work ethic and effort
•Grade 7 Who am I?
•Grade 8 What am I interested in?
•Grade 9 What do I want?
•Grade 10 What do I need?
•Grade 11 What do I do?
•Grade 12 Am I set on a good path?


Ministerial Order on Student Learning

•(a) know how to learn: to gain knowledge, understanding or skills through experience, study, and interaction with others; 
•(b) think critically: conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate to construct knowledge; 
•(c) identify and solve complex problems;
•(d) manage information: access, interpret, evaluate and use information effectively, efficiently, and ethically;
•(e) innovate: create, generate and apply new ideas or concepts; 
•(f) create opportunities through play, imagination, reflection, negotiation, and competition, with an entrepreneurial spirit; 
•(g) apply multiple literacies: reading, writing, mathematics, technology, languages, media, and personal finance; 
•(h) demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others; 
•(i) demonstrate global and cultural understanding, considering the economy and sustainable development; and
•(j) identify and apply career and life skills through personal growth and well-being.