Catholic Faith


1. Grounded in a Christian Anthropology.

2. Imbued with a Catholic Worldview.

3. Animated by a Fatih-Infused Curriculum.

4. Sustained By Gospel Witness.

5. Shaped by a Spirituality Of Communion.

This Year Ecole St. Joseph Is Focusing on Mark 3…. Animated by A Faith-Infused Curriculum We are ….. ......

The BenchMarks are:

1. The Curriculum reflects the Church’s understanding of the unity of truth and the harmony between faith and reason.

2. When relevant, the curriculum reflects the social teachings of the catholic Church.

3. The school offers a Catholic faith-infused curriculum (the lessons of which) that could not be duplicated in a non-catholic school.

4. The curriculum addresses the spiritual, moral and ethical life of the student, either explicitly or implicity.

5. Teachers are knowledgeable on Church Teaching as it applies to the subject areas in which they teach.

6. Appropriate funding is allocated, and concrete initiatives are in place, to assist schools in the theological training of staff.

7. Gospel values and church teaching are regularly and consistently incorporated into planning and instruction.

8. Teachers meet on a regular basis to discuss methods of infusing faith in their subject areas.

9. Religious education is a core subject are. Teacher assignment, learner outcomes and delivery of instruction are given the same professional requirements and rigor as in all core subjects.