Heather Tschigerl

Teachers - High School

About Me

I have been a teacher at St. Joseph School since 1998 teaching mainly Social Studies7-12, though I am now teaching senior high English and Social Studies. This year I am assigned to Social 10-1, English 10-2, Social 20-1, Social 30-1 and Social 30-2.  I love to travel and have done quite a bit in the last 20 years to places like Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Greece, UK) to Costa Rica, from Mexico to USA (Hawaii, NY, Texas, California, Key West, etc). I am an avid reader who likes a variety of different authors and types of novels from historical to classics, murder mysteries to  beach reading. I have been a co-ordinator of SADD for most of my teaching career and am hoping to get the group up and running again this year along with Mrs. Davyduke. I married with 4 fur babies (all Siemese cats) and enjoy living oout in the country.  I am looking foward to a great year with lots of wonderful memories with the students!