Martha Bourassa

Teacher Aide

About Me

 Hola, my name is Martha Bourassa. I have been working at Ecole St Joseph school  a E.A with grades 4, 5, 6 and 8. 
  I was born in  Valledupar, Cesar Colombia. I moved to Puebla, Mexico to studies to be a doctor. This is where  I met my husband, Allen; he was in Mexico to participate in the Pan-American Games. Shortly after, I graduated and became a family doctor.Together, we have two beautiful children Grechen and Ronnie. I am my son's biggest fan in soccer!! My daughter Gretchen can speak Spanish and plays piano. I am very proud of them.

      I worked for ECHO Society for 11 years where I found my passion to worked with people with disabilities,  I learned  a lot about them and I have wonderful people to teach me about this field. These are the few family I have in this town.  I will always be proud and thankful to have them part in  my life. 
     In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering in the community.   I love to play with my stepgranddaughter Jemma, go to the movies, jog in the summer with my two dogs Ody and Harmony. 

     I love my job, it is always a challenge; I love working with kids. I believe a child will teach us more than we will ever teach them.  I believe a child is like a butterfly in the wind,  some can fly higher than another, but each one flies the best it can. Each ones is different, each one is Special, each one is Beautiful, each one is gift from God.